Tattoo removal techniques

Tattoo removal techniques

Studies claim that more than 25% of the individuals who get tattoos they regret them later in life. People get tattoos due to different reasons which include;

• To raise awareness about something you value
• For identity for example military service.
• To honor someone or a reminder of something you may have experienced.

Reasons to remove a tattoo

Most people demand to remove their tattoos for a variety of reasons such as career concern, change in lifestyle, regret over a certain decision, poor quality tattoo, and fading among others.

Methods of removing a tattoo

1. Laser treatment

Laser tattoo removal is the most popular means of eliminating a tattoo. Lasers eradicate tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors by using a high- intensity beam. It shatters the ink which is then later cleared away by the immune system.

2. Dermabrasion

This method is rarely used as it tends to leave behind scars of which are not pleasing to many people. It involves scrubbing the skin with an abrasive device like a wire brush, sterilized sandpaper, and a diamond wheel among others. This technique requires multiple treatments and it is very painful.

3. Surgical excision

In this case, a surgeon cuts a tattoo out of your skin using a scalpel and then closes the wound. This method is more effective with small Tattoo Removal London, although the cut may not go deep enough to get rid of the ink.

4. Camouflaging

Camouflage technique involves hiding the tattoo ink through injection of new pigments. It is meant to either cover the tattoo or form a new pattern thereby effectively hiding the existing tattoo. If done properly the old tattoo may be totally invisible.(simple tattoo removal courses)

5. Salabrasion

This method helps remove tattoos through fading them away and has to be done multiple times for results. It involves removing the pigment by soaking the tattoo in a salt solution. Salt is meant to peel away the upper layers of the skin.

Some of the home-made remedies used to remove tattoos include Aloe Vera, honey, sand powder, lemon juice, and salt among others.

Tattoo removal creams are also available. Most of these creams contain chemicals like alpha, hydroquinone, and TCA among others. They are meant to fade away the tattoos by dissolving them from the skin. Care must be taken when using these products.

Side effects of removing tattoos include itching, skin discoloration, infection, permanent scars, swelling, pain and burning among others. Precaution should be taken when removing tattoos by avoiding the use of harsh products or by being attended to by a professional. Sponsored by Laser Hair Removal Chiswick, eyebrow tattoo removal.

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